The UCS and Me

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is an organization that was founded on the basis of fighting prominent social and environmental issues. The UCS continually does research to strive towards a “healthy planet and a safer world.” With this research however, funding is an absolute necessity; that’s where the rest of us “regular joes” come in. Their website,, is carefully crafted with rhetoric, both obviously and minutely, to gain the funding that they need to continue their research. When first visiting the website, the first thing anyone notices is the donation box (that conveniently is located on every page). The UCS has no government funding for their research, so they rely on their supporters to keep their dream alive. The rhetoric that comes in collaboration with this is quite clever. When a visitor is reading the website, they’re prompted by an orange box in the corner to join or renew their membership. The Union of Concerned Scientists is making a call to action for regular people, not just scientists, to join them. This creates a sense of accomplishment and community in those who are wanting to join this organization, but here’s the catch: a donation has to be made to join. The website gives tons of information on how we, the common people, can make an impact on the world that can create major changes to better everyone’s life- so basically telling us we can save the world and all who inhabit it. The rhetoric makes an ordinary person feel extraordinary, therefore creating a drive to want to join the UCS. This declaration of unity only comes with one simple rule: a heartfelt donation to everyone’s favorite scientists. While one would have to do their own research to determine whether or not the Union of Concerned Scientists is genuine or not, no one can argue that their use of rhetoric on their website is skillfully made to engage its audience and prompt donations.


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