Over the past semester, I’ve discovered myself. I’ve discovered myself as a writer, a person, and a bonafide blogger. In the beginning of this class, I was very hesitant to publicly post my own writing. I was scared that my voice was too meek, my writing skills were too inferior, and my opinions were too invalid. In the past, I had never posted anything to the internet for fear of what commentary and criticism that I would get. This class has developed a sense of confidence in me. I can now willingly post my own writings and opinions without fear of backlash. This class has instilled in me a sense of worthiness to post my own thoughts to the internet to share with my peers. I can now comfortably make my own assessments and comments about pieces that mean something to me. This website has given me a medium through which I can publicize my own works and share them to the rest of the world. I have realized that my voice is important. Through this website, I have learned to skillfully present and argue my posts and be proud of them at the same time. My writing now is consistent with my established voice, and it is something that I would share with others on a regular basis. Overall, this website has taught me to be true to myself and trust the words that flow out of me, no matter how crazy they may seem at the time. I am very glad that I was assigned this project, and I would absolutely do it again with no problem.