What is the best way to get people to actually read your flyer?


When handing out flyers, more people will actually read a flyer that is more visually pleasing than one that is not.


  •      Cupcakes for incentive to actually take the flyer
  •      A dull flyer
  •      A colorful flyer
  •      A survey for the flyers, with a question to denote to flyer they received


  1.     Stand at a busy walk way (tech walkway at noon)
  2.     Offer cupcakes
  3.     Give them the flyer, telling them what it’s over and pointing out the survey
  4.     Reassure them it is their decision to take the survey
  5.     Track the survey results and record data (survey link: )

Data and analysis:

Total number of flyers handed out: 48

Total Number of “Think FAST”: 24

Total Number of “Brain Bursting”: 24

Total number of survey responses: 5

Number of “Brain Bursting” responses: 5

Number of “Think FAST” responses: 0

People who knew about the article previously:

3 mildly 2 had no knowledge of it


So few people actually took the survey that we could not deduce the results of the variability. The few results we did receive were not in line with our expectations. A big error that could be in this is the fact that not everyone uses QR readers, which is how we delivered the survey. We could have improved it by asking them to read the short articles, and take the survey, and hand it back to us. Our initial effort, expanding the audience of the original piece, was fulfilled as everyone who received a flyer heard an overview of the project and had the visual exposure.


S1: Opening with our genre and our names – jordan

S2: Link to the original article and an explanation of its applications/ why we chose it-bree

S3: Explanation of our transformation from article to experiment -bree

S4: Question and hypothesis-madi

S5: Materials and procedure-sam

S6: Pictures and video-sam

S7: Results and analysis– jordan

S8: Conclusion-madi 

The pictures above show us on Tech campus handing out our flyers and cupcakes to students between classes.

Flyer 1 “Brain Bursting” (top portion) and Flyer 2 “Think FAST” (bottom portion)









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